I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of this boat. He is a very nice guy and I really enjoyed talking to him. He has made several improvements to this boat during his stay in Wilmington. He has given many in the local marine industry  a ton of work. Those he has given work to should be grateful for that. And I’m sure they are.

If you’ve been following my posts I mentioned how a smaller vessel is much easier on the wallet. This big girl proves my point. According to the owner, she tops out at 30 mph. At full throttle, she burns roughly 60 gallons of fuel per hour. Good God! He said that makes it a lot easier to go at about 9 mph which burns about 6 gallons per hour.

I’m not going to go into the various improvements he has recently made to the vessel except for one. The one that applies to this site the most. Her new hardtop. He had a hardtop added to her bridge. She used to have a bimini. The hardtop was constructed and installed locally and looks great. Very nice job. You could have told me it came out of the factory like that and I would have believed you. There is another  Meridian 580 just a few slips down from her which has the bimini. I suspect that is how she looked before her new hardtop. I can’t say for certain as I didn’t see her before.

Additional awesome features are her hydraulic platform and davit. This is a cruise ship. It’s not about fishing. It’s not about speed. It’s all about fun. Pure luxury.

I believe Meridian is owned by Sea Ray, or by the same company that owns Sea Ray. Something like that. Looks like she was constructed in Washington State. Apparently they are now being constructed in Florida. The company headquarters is in Knoxville Tennessee.

If I could just have this boat for one weekend. Maybe the 4th of July. Yeah, that would be great:)





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  1. Captain Stabbin' says:

    The hard top does look good! Props to the manufacturer. Looks like she’s just been detailed too, I passed it the other day on the ICW and she’s shiny. Not a huge fan of Meridians, generally speaking, but this one’s fine with me. When I saw her last she had a jet ski lift mounted onto her transom. Looks fun.

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