This vessel didn’t make it on Wrightsville Boats because she is huge. She made it because she is beautiful. I’ve seen several monster yachts come through Wrightsville within the past few weeks but they just didn’t make the cut. Just because they are huge doesn’t mean they are beautiful. I’ve seen row boats that are far more beautiful than most mega yachts. Mega yachts these days are starting to look like space ships. I like gentleman’s yachts. And that is what this vessel is.

The subject vessel is a 117′ Delta Motor Yacht named Grumpy. Her home port is Sewall’s Point, FL (near Stuart, FL). I assume she is headed to Maine for the summer like every other yacht heading north on the ICW.

Grumpy has great lines. Nice sheerline with just the right amount of spring. No break in the sheer either. Her navy blue hull looks so classy. She is a pilothouse design which looks great. I’m not typically a pilothouse fan but this one is so big that it doesn’t scream pilothouse. It almost looks like an enclosed bridge. But it’s not. The bridge sits behind the pilothouse. Her design is very traditional. She will hold her value longer because of that. This boat will never go out of style. Her interior will get updated with the times and her future owners may change her hull color as she get’s new paint jobs, but she will be in service for a long time.

Even if someone gave her to me as a gift, I wouldn’t be able to afford the fuel to get me to Masonboro Island. She holds 10,000 gallons of fuel. So, it would cost about $45,ooo dollars to fill her up. Not to get political, but when Obama took office, it would have cost roughly half of that. That was only five years ago. I think I would have to get a sailboat.

She is a fiberglass boat, constructed in 1996 by Delta. Delta is a Seattle, Washington based company. Delta started out building large commercial fishing boats. They subsequently shifted to the construction of luxury yachts.

I really like the yachts Delta designed and built in the 90′s. Their designs are starting to get a little out there. Delta has designed some of the most beautiful yachts in the world. They are Americans and we should be proud of that.

Double click on the photo to see it in it’s original size. Much better view.

What do you think of this vessel?




10 Responses to 117′ Delta Motor Yacht

  1. Laura says:

    Just saw this yacht in Greenport NY. Was one of several big boats. She is beautiful.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for letting us know where she is now. Very interesting to hear of her whereabouts. And yes, she is an amazing vessel.

  3. Jan Souweine says:

    Beautiful yacht. She is currently at the dock Falmouth, Cape Cod Massachusetts.

  4. scheney says:

    I spotted this vessel moored in Sandwich, MA, July 16, 2013. I have photos if anyone is interested. She’s beautiful. Anyone know who owns this? Would love to know who “Grumpy” is.


  5. caustic says:

    Right you are. Today I saw “Grumpy” in the Old Port of Portland, ME. It was pulled up right next to DiMillos. The owners were disembarking. They seemed good-natured an affable. Pretty sweet looking boat.

  6. igrady says:

    Just admired her yesterday afternoon at DiMillo’s yacht club in Portland, ME. A truly beautiful boat. And you were right about where she was headed.

    • Belfast says:

      Well, now she is in Belfast, Maine, and she’s out of the water. Yesterday I saw three men up on lifts, washing her sides. She is a nice boat! (I checked the Internet to see where she comes from and I found this site.)

  7. jwbragg says:

    She sits tied up to a dock in Bangor, Maine today, 8/17/13.

  8. Rysgrammie says:

    Just saw it on the water front in Bangor Maine 8-30-13 8:15 am

  9. wenlee says:

    She is exquisite-saw her last weekend on my early morning run past the boat yard. She was getting polished and was glowing radiantly. Think I have a new love:)

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